A night to remember: Ilampirai!

Technically, this is my first Facebook post(in this new account) and it's going to be really long. I want to put my thoughts here while my memory is still fresh. Besides, there's a likelihood that I would wake up tomorrow not remembering anything at all. Because last night(April 20) was such a night for me.… Continue reading A night to remember: Ilampirai!


Updates on life and stuff

Hey everyone! I haven't followed my schedule. It's been about a month since my last post. My apologies for that. This final semester has been quite hectic. I find it funny that the number of modules that I am taking this semester does not correspond to the actual workload. On a side note, everyone needs… Continue reading Updates on life and stuff

Oh my Kadavule(God)!

Alternative title 1: What I learnt from going to the temple weekly for six years Alternative title 2: Why I stopped believing in God (and later, started believing again) I settled for the shortest one. So there you have it, "Oh my Kadavule(God)". Religion is such a sensitive issue these days. Instead of exercising discretion… Continue reading Oh my Kadavule(God)!