Oh my Kadavule(God)!

Alternative title 1: What I learnt from going to the temple weekly for six years Alternative title 2: Why I stopped believing in God (and later, started believing again) I settled for the shortest one. So there you have it, "Oh my Kadavule(God)". Religion is such a sensitive issue these days. Instead of exercising discretion… Continue reading Oh my Kadavule(God)!


Weddings and Marriages.

My blog turned one two days back. To celebrate this, quote "TLLLB" at any shop to buy something that you don't need at a discounted price for the whole of this month. Okay, that was a joke. In the past 12 months, I have written 23 posts(This is the 24th post). I hope you enjoyed… Continue reading Weddings and Marriages.

A slipper, The Greatest Showman, and a couple of mean words.

"Seruppaalehye adippen! (I will beat you with a slipper!)", he shouted over the phone. He continued, "Why do you have to talk about me? No! Just answer this one question!" The person on the other side seemed to come up with a reply which didn't quite answer his question and this angry and possibly drunk… Continue reading A slipper, The Greatest Showman, and a couple of mean words.