Taking the first step

One of the things that I wanted to accomplish this year(2017) was to start writing a blog. I wanted to do this because it could be interesting to personally read it some time later and laugh at myself. I wanted to tell my story to my children and grandchildren even after I am gone. Just so you know, I am not married, neither am I dying. I just think too much about the future. The other reason was that I had wanted to be a journalist at one point in time, and I had even considered pursuing a diploma in that. For some odd reason, which made sense then, I decided to do a diploma in accountancy instead. I am not sure if I have entirely given up on that dream. This whole blog thing was supposed to have been initiated in the year of 2014. I had never gotten to it because I always had something more urgent to do. An assignment. A meeting. A couple of cheques to be prepared for some urgent payment for my CCA(I used to be the Honorary Treasurer of NUS Tamil Language Society). It was never-ending. Actually, it still has not ended.

So what has changed now? Because it has hit me for the third time that the clock is ticking and I should be doing something more meaningful and significant. I would probably write another post on the other two times some other day. Today, my mind went blank during my Valuation quiz. I just couldn’t think. Luckily, it was open book and I probably would get some marks which is below average given that the other NUS Accountancy undergraduates in my class are uber-competitive, smart and hard-working. I have decided that Accountancy is not for me. It just doesn’t balance(pun intended, haha!) A lot of people are able to pursue something that they are not interested in and even excel in it. Well, I am not one of them. I had had some interest in Principles of Accounts(POA) in secondary school, and polytechnic. Having undergone depreciation and impairment over the years, my interest now stands at almost zero. Yes, I study, attend classes, try to excel but I have to admit that it has been in vain. I have found interest in Management, Law and Tax(to some extent). Companies Act and Income Tax Act are almost like poetry to me. I enjoy reading and applying them.

Truth is numbers don’t interest me as much as words do. I enjoy watching movies and tv drama series. Suits is one of my favourites. I love Jessica Pearson for the strong lady that she is and her stunning wardrobe. Sad that she’s gone to pursue her real passion and to find her purpose again. Why does it feel like we are in the same boat? I think I have digressed a little. All I am saying is that, I am in a downward spiral where I am in a course that I am disinterested in and I am currently lacking motivation to study, and that leads to below-average grades which makes me even more disinterested in it. Currently, I am just trying to do other things that give me joy to pull through my last 3 semesters in NUS . This blog is just it. When this blog makes it big in the future, then it will lead to me reaching my ultimate goal of having my own talk show like Ellen DeGeneres. I will call it “The Chandralekha show” since my first name is long enough. I might seem quite optimistic about the future. Hahaha! One day when I achieve that, I am going to start my show by shouting, “Yo mummy, I did it!” like in the Rocky movie. Big dreams. But now, I have to finish up the slides that are due tomorrow. Somehow by writing this 710-word post, I feel like my day just got better. If your day has not gone well, here’s a quote by Maya Angelou to get you through the day:

“No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

In the next blog post, I will try to be more organised and focused.


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12 thoughts on “Taking the first step”

    1. Thank you Rabia! I will be doing my internship during the summer break so that’s quite hard. But I am still taking breaks from everything whenever I can. 🙂


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