So what now?

The past week has been quite exhausting and overwhelming. (Note to self: As tempting as it may be, do not write a blog post when you actually have a midterm test the following week).

I am honestly taken aback by the kindness of strangers and friends. I greatly appreciate all the encouraging words that y’all have taken your time to post as comments and send as private messages on Facebook. I did not reply to all the comments but I promise you that I have read every one of them. They have definitely helped lift my spirits. A big thank you for that! While my post was just a rant, I believe that it has helped to create awareness of the kind of experiences faced by someone from a minority race. Maybe it has even given you the courage to speak up on your own experiences. We need to be talking more about this issue because this isn’t just a minorities’ problem; this is everyone’s problem. I just sounded so cliched. I feel that the media too, needs to do more to get people talking about these issues, especially in a constructive way. At this point, I should also say that I find it upsetting that some websites(online media and forum pages) have actually misrepresented me and written an article that distorts some of the information in my post such that the essence of my post is lost. While it may seem like this pages have created awareness, such misconstrued information does not help in improving the situation. Sigh.

Nevertheless, one good thing that came out of this post was that I met the Assistant Deans of NUS Business School and my concerns were addressed. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Great words of Neil Armstrong. I am exaggerating here but I would be lying if I say that I did not feel like I did something meaningful, important and even historical.

That being said, if you had read my other posts, you would have realised that this blog is actually not strong on activism or creating awareness. With the exception of my last post, the other two posts were rather carefree and personal and that’s how I want my blog to be as well. Hence, I am not going to write intense stuff for a while. Tone it down a bit just to give my mum her peace of mind. Haha! I am putting this out here so that you don’t start having expectations for this blog which I am definitely not going to fulfil.

During this uncomfortable time, one thing that kept me strong(apart from all you kind souls) was music. On a sidenote, Youtube Mix is great. I just had to play one of my favourites and then it just automatically plays all of my other favourites one after another and I just got so nostalgic. That’s when I heard this song. It was my favourite back when I was in sec 1. It always made me happy instantly. The lyrics penned by the late Na. Muthukumar are so beautiful and uplifting. And why doesn’t Yuvan Shankar Raja make the kind of music that he used to? I remember how when I was in secondary school, his songs were pretty much all that I listened to. For my non-Tamil readers, this song(Pesugiren Pesugiren from the movie Satham Podathe) has the girl’s heart telling her to stay strong and that everything is going to be okay. To summarise the scenes in the video, it’s actually about the girl moving on in life(after a traumatic marriage), and overcoming her insecurities and obstacles(she seems to have anxiety related tremors). Everyone is fighting their own battles and I hope that this song gives you the strength to face your problems and come out stronger. 🙂

Have a good day! 🙂




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