Crows can sing too!

This is going to be the most interesting post because this is the first time I am writing somewhere outdoor(I don’t consider trains to be outdoor). I am actually at Khatib waterfront (Lower Seletar Reservoir) with the wind blowing against my face and the sun shining so bright. Well, it’s super hot too. Thank God they have shelters here.
Waters moving
Birds chirping
Aeroplanes flying
But I can still hear the sound of cars going so fast,
Completely oblivious to the little heaven that they are missing
-Chandralekha(2017) 😛
Does that count as a haiku? Haha! Oh well, even if it isn’t, it’s a string of words without any labels or expectations imposed on it. Why am I so drama-mama today?
Anyway, I like it here. I am actually now a real writer because I am writing outdoors. That’s what real writers do, isn’t it? Haha!

Do what you enjoy doing

The first part of this week’s post is about doing what you enjoy doing. Anyone who truly knows me would know that I love to sing. I am not the bathroom singer; I am the “everywhere-singer”; I sing(or hum) literally everywhere. There’s always some song playing in my head. 80s and 90s Tamil songs mostly. A comment that I receive a lot is, ” Do you think you’re சின்ன குயில்(literal translation: small cuckoo) Chitra?” (Chitra is a renowned Tamil playback singer who has bagged many awards for her impeccable singing.) If you haven’t already guessed, according to many, I sing pretty badly. In all honesty, when I sing, I actually sound really good to me. Like in my ears. However, when I actually hear recordings of my singing, I finally understand why they would actually ask me that. I did stop singing in public for a while to prevent the potential suicides, and nausea for people who hear me sing. (BTW There’s insufficient statistics on the effects of my singing on people.) But that’s when I chanced upon this quote:
“The woods would be quiet if no bird sang but the one that sang best.”
― Henry Van Dyke
So often, we are told that we can’t do something unless we’re good at it. It is not limited to singing, it extends to dancing, sketching, and pretty much everything. Further, when we are young itself, they put us into two boxes; the creative and artsy one and the logical and boring one.(haha, oops!) Even when I was considering blogging, I sometimes thought, my English isn’t always on point; my writings aren’t going to be intellectual enough. But what I have realised is:
(1): You can only get better by practicing.
(2): So what if you don’t get better? Singing, dancing, etc are all expressions of self. Why do you have to be good at it to be even doing it?

(3): Who sets the standards for what is good and bad? I mean, are you God? Even if you are God, how can a creation of your creation be anything short of beautiful?

So here’s to every one of you! Don’t let someone’s narrow definitions of what is good and bad restrain you from doing whatever that you enjoy doing. Stop acting to please others. If you haven’t already received the memo, there will always be one person who’s not pleased. I mean even the really good singers will have haters out there. So go out there, be free! Remember, crows sing too! (And Apparently, they really do sing! Not sure if this is a reliable source though)

Be generous with your support.

The second part of this week’s post is about being generous with support. When I wrote my first blog post, I did not know if even one person would read it. And then it happened. Even before sharing it on Facebook or with anyone else, this guy called David Snape liked it and followed me on WordPress. That was all the acknowledgement, appreciation, and recognition that I needed. That pat on the shoulder pushing me to go for it. I have never realised the kind of impact that such a small action could have on someone. Since then I have tried to be more supportive. Just a like or share could really encourage someone so much. If likes or shares sound superficial to you, go out and talk about the great work your friend is doing to others(Word of mouth marketing). It really is that simple. At this point, I need to thank my family, and my NUSTLS girls (and some guys) for supporting me so much. Y’all are almost like my cheerleaders with the pompoms and all.

But that’s just the first level. If you can, go to the second level! If your friend is selling sketches or cookies, or tickets for her performance or really anything that it may be, go and support them! They are just starting up now. Don’t ask for a discount if you’re just buying 1 unit of good. (Asking for bulk discounts may be justified.) You asking for an unjustified discount on the price is a discount of all their effort and artistic talent. Don’t talk about how you can get the same item from a mass producer at a cheaper price. Obviously, you can get it at a cheaper price because the mass producer has economies of scale and what not. Don’t see everything in dollars and cents. Look at the intrinsic value. I feel like a hypocrite writing this as I have declined to support my friends or have been in a position where I can’t support too many times. However, I am no longer in that position(lol, if you get what I mean) and I am more open to supporting my friends as much as I can. On the flipside, just because your friend is willing to support you, don’t rip them off. Create value from them and then capture it.

If you can, you should climb up to the third level. Now you’re not just throwing your money to buy the final product. Join as a volunteer to support them. Help them by lending them your skills. This is what I am trying to do. Even if I can’t help you sketch itself, I can help you in other aspects like (accounts, tax, marketing, etc.) Everyone has some specialised skills which can mean a lot to those who need them. Collaborating with them and supporting them is the highest level of support you can give.

Supporting you

On that note, this is for anyone who needs it. I am willing to help in the following areas for free:

  1. Human Resource Management:I am not expert in this field. I specialise in Management and have taken a few human resource management related modules and I also watch a lot of TED talks related to this topic. I have helped a couple of people in getting that job/internship that they want. No harm trying right?

2. Marketing: Again, not an expert on this, but I read up quite a bit on this and took one module haha!

3. Accounts and Tax: I am supposed to be an expert in this since this is my first specialisation. But I am only open to give brief opinions on enquiries though. Haha!

You can get my email address from my “About”section.

Giving credit where credit is due

Actually, have you wondered why is it giving credit and not giving debit? Well, look at the word due. When someone owes you, that’s a receivable, that is an asset for which increases are debits. On the other hand, when you owe someone, that’s a payable, that is a liability for which increases are credits. So in this case, it’s kind of like saying that their work is so good that you owe them maybe a compliment. You have to record it as a credit to liability. So you “give a credit”. Haha! I sound like a boring accounting nerd.

Anyway, in recent times I feel that I have witnessed some good stuff which requires a credit. So here’s a short non-exhaustive list below.

  1. NUS TLS’ Sports Spectra 2017

I hate sports and physical activities. I shall not go too much into it. But I think I can go on and on, on why I hate them. I actually have some really funny stories to tell but I will leave them for another day. Anyways, having a person like me participate in Sports Spectra is an achievement on its own. Well done, NUS TLS 38th Exco! Haha! Jokes aside, the event was very smooth and well-executed. We got to interact more with people from other teams. With a tagline of இது வேற மாதிரி! (Ithu Vera Mathiri – This Is Different), the entire event was resurrected into an exciting carnival sort of event with four games: (Bubble Soccer, Tchoukball and Dodgeball) and one non-competitive sport (Kabaddi). The carnival games were fun too. I would definitely join next year as  a spectator. Haha! I have hit the age threshold. I am now super excited for NUSTLS’ next event, Yutham 2017!

2. NTU TLS’ Mocha 2017

I was actually doing my assignment, which was due at 2359 that day, as I watched the show. I don’t intend to “give debits” here. Though, I could see all the hard work put into it, I found it hard to say that the whole was more just the sum of its parts.  However, there were two segments which were too good. They’re Dushyasana Within and the band performances. The audio technicals could have been better but nevertheless I was singing along with them especially when Kanne Kalaimane and Vidai Kodu Engal Naade came. Being a feminist myself, Dushyana Witthin was well-relatable and certain portions got me fuming(the rape scene). On the whole, it did make me think about the issues presented even after coming back home.

3. Iruvar drama series

I don’t watch much television nowadays. However, I watched this show enough to know what was happening. I liked the angles from which the shots are taken. They don’t show everything; they show you just enough for you to guess. The storyline is great too. I didn’t quite expect it. I felt that the cast-character fit was pretty good too. But to me, Vishnu stole the show. It’s not just about his Sigappu Rojakkal kind of look but the acting. I liked the way he transitioned in the climax scenes. Oh my! I don’t say this much but this drama was one of the better ones, matching up to classics like Guru Paarvai. On a sidenote, did you know that you can watch Guru Paarvai on Toggle?

With that, I have come to the end of this long, loosely connected post.

Thank you for reading and stay curious! 🙂

P.S. Just for your information, I am not selling anything. Also, this is not a sponsored post. Just honest opinions.


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