Anjadi Kuppeh and Kuthu songs

This is going to be a really light-hearted post with completely no purpose. Or maybe there is a subtle purpose. It’s actually a lead up to another post but I don’t want to spoil too much for you. Anjadi kuppeh aka Anjack according to Urban Dictionary refers to Tamil male gangsters. From my conversations with expert analysts(I am just referring to my fellow Indians), I hear that back in those days, Tamil male gangsters used to hang out in a place like void deck kind of place which was of five foot(literal translation for Anjadi) height. Kuppeh means rubbish in Tamil. Hence, the word was born to describe these group of gangsters. I am not sure how true that is. But it does make some sense. I am in no way supportive of gangsters and what they do- whatever the race. But the word Anjadi Kuppeh is now commonly used to describe people who engage in a schedule of some things that characterise the new “Anjadis”(but they might not necessarily be gangsters) as stated below:

  • Smokes and/or drinks regularly
  • Hangs out at the void deck or coffee shop regularly
  • Clubs regularly
  • Has tattoo(s)
  • Has multiple piercings
  • Wears coloured contact lenses(especially in blue, or grey)
  • Has hair dyed in striking colours
  • Sports a “tail” hairstyle
  • Member of dance groups(not very common now)/Urumi melam groups
  • Plays soccer
  • Makes remixes of songs and by virtue of just that becomes a DJ XXX
  • Wears bling-bling earrings
  • Wears floating caps
  • Wears skinny pants
  • Wears sunglasses for the head and never for the eyes(even at night)
  • Listens to Kuthu songs
  • Uses words like “sarakku”, “mootai”, “billa billa XXX”, “makkal”, “paaru”, “jokaa”, “jumpah”, “machi”, “mike”, “ponna”, etc.
  • Member of Indian Cultural Society/Group in polytechnic
  • Has a Facebook name with a fictitious last name(E.g. RealName OnliHysGurl)

Obviously, these are generalisations and not every Anjadi does all of the above. And obviously, not everyone who does even one of this is an Anjadi. I DON’T SUPPORT SUCH STEREOTYPES! But that’s how people are being labelled.  Sometimes, these people are also described as “Typical Indians” and a negative connotation is attached to that label. Sometimes, they say Pakka Tamilachi or Tamilan to refer to these Typical Indians too. To be honest, the labelling doesn’t affect me much because I don’t engage in most of the activities except two of it. I shall write about one of it: Listening to Kuthu songs. I love Kuthu songs and I can’t stop myself from dancing to it whenever I hear them. There I said it! I think being in Indian Dance in Sembawang primary school and Yishun secondary school where we danced a lot of folk dance(a nice term for Kuthu dance) was where my love for Kuthu songs began. I think hearing my dad and uncle play the beat of some Kuthu song on the steering wheel of the car when it gets played on the radio are other instances where my love for Kuthu songs continued. But I am so tired of getting judged for listening to them by people who only like AR Rahman songs or English and Hindi songs. Oh God! I have recently learned that I am not alone. There are some others in uni who love Kuthu songs secretly. Kuppeh songs(as what one of my friends called them; literally means rubbish) are a guilty pleasure for us. Hence, here’s a listicle of 15 Kuthu songs that I love. Recently, I started doing a daily routine of Kuthu Therapy to just loosen up a bit. It’s really cool. Go to your room, lock the door, play one of the songs below and dance. Yes, I am pretty sure you would not be able to control yourself when you start listening to all these. Don’t listen to the lyrics. Just listen to the beat. Lol.

1. Kolusu Kadai Orathile(~1980s) by Vijalakshmi Navaneetakrishnan

This is a classic. It turns out that this song is not from a movie. It’s just an authentic Tamil folk song. Yet it has reached so many people and has even sparked off another Malaysian song by the name of Kolusu Shop. The highlight of this song is the Jing-chak! Haha!

2. Maanguyilae Poonguiyilae from Karagaatakkaran(1989) Music: Ilaiyaraaja

3. Vethala Potta from Amaran(1992) Music: Adhityan

4. Mocha Kotta Pallazhagi from Ulavaali(1994) Music: Sirpy

5. Otha Roobayun Tharen from Naattu Purapaatu(1996) Music: Ilaiyaraaja

6. Kanangathey Meenu from Adimai Changli(1997) Music: Deva

7. Kaasu Mela from Kaathala Kaathala(1998) Music: Karthik Raja

8. Aalana Naal Muthalaa from Kaathal Kavithai(1998) Music: Ilaiyaraaja

9. Kaathu Pasapasanga from Ethirum Puthirum(1999) Music: Vidyasagar

10. Oothikinu Kadichikavaa from Ninaivirukkum Varai(1999) Music: Deva

11. Malai Malai from Chocolate(2001) Music: Deva

12. Variya from Pudhupettai(2006) Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

13. Kathala Kannala from Anjathey(2008) Music: Sundar c Babu

14. Madura Kulunga from Subramaniapuram(2008) Music: James Vasanthan

15. Makka Kalanguthappa from

Dharmadurai(2016) Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

If you prefer to have it as a playlist, here you go!

I hope you enjoy dancing/listening to these songs.

Thanks for reading and stay curious!


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