Every end is a new beginning. That holds so much truth. What about the end of life? Death. What begins after that? No one knows. We know that we aren't immortals. But why is death so difficult to handle? It appears to happen too abruptly. When we least expect it. Without scheduling an appointment with… Continue reading Death.


One last time: On racism, Superior Indian men, and Indian women.

Prologue I started writing this blog in February this year and this is my 18th post. I had not planned it out. I started out with a jibber-jabber. My purpose of writing was to document my thoughts and little snippets of my life. My story. It wasn't long before I had people telling me how much… Continue reading One last time: On racism, Superior Indian men, and Indian women.

Colours, sparkles and lots of Murukkus!

It's Deepavali tomorrow! The one public holiday for Hindus in Singapore. My second favourite time of the year after the new year's day of course. This is the first year I didn't actually buy any new clothes for Deepavali. Okay I am still wearing new clothes just that they were purchased for last year's Deepavali.… Continue reading Colours, sparkles and lots of Murukkus!